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Welcome to Arch Free Loans Trust

Arch Free Loans Trust  was formed in March 2012 by one of the United Kingdom's greatest and  most generous  benefactors, Nathaniel Appiyah and a few partner trustees . 

Arch Free Loans Associates Trust  is an Equal Opportunities organization providing interest free loans for disadvantaged but responsible first family home buyers,new business ideas and young businesses needing investment.

Eligible candidates may borrow up to £60,000 interest free for 10 years to buy themselves a home, establish themselves in their chosen careers,to pursue an education,set up a charity or expand their non profit organisations in the United Kingdom.

To be eligible for consideration for a loan you must be over 18 and under 55years and  you must buy a house, conduct your business or develop your charity in the Southwark or Lewisham Boroughs of London preferably for the duration of the loan, and must be able to demonstrate that the home,business or charity  has the potential to positively affect your immediate family,community and the nation at large while meeting the objects of Arch Free Loans.

You must also have a real need for the loan and without which your project would not proceed unless you had assistance from the charity ,In other words, you have insufficient personal funds or credit status to secure such funds elsewhere.You must have a history of being responsible with your finances,the trust of guarantors who have known you for at least 2 years and contribute actively to the community in which you live.

For further information you can contact us by email on  or by phone on 0207 928 8371